MSBA projects having a Chapter 74 program require a Chapter 74 Meeting

The Massachusetts School Building Authority ("MSBA"), in coordination with the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education ("DESE") has instituted a pilot program for all MSBA school construction with M.G.L Chapter 74 ("Chapter 74") career/vocational technical education programs.

During Module 3, Feasibility Study, projects with a Chapter 74 program submit a "Chapter 74 Programming Submission" listing all Chapter 74 programs.

For all projects identifying Chapter 74 programs, a Chapter 74 Meeting will be scheduled to take place within two weeks after 60% construction documents are completed.

The District, Designer and OPM are requested to attend the Chapter 74 Meeting. It is important that the District's Director of CVTE and/or persons most knowledgeable of Chapter 74 programs be present. DESE and the MSBA will also be present at the Chapter 74 Meeting.

In anticipation of the Chapter 74 Meeting, the MBSA requests that the Designer provide Chapter 74 Floor Plans based on the MSBA Chapter 74 Floor Plans Templates. The Chapter 74 Floor Plans are informational in nature only and their submittal to the MSBA and DESE does not constitute a review or approval by the MSBA or DESE of the Chapter 74 programs that are represented thereon. The Chapter 74 Floor Plans should be received by the MSBA no later than one week prior to the Chapter 74 Meeting and will be shared with DESE. The Designer will be asked to bring a set of the Chapter 74 Floor Plans for each participant in the Chapter 74 Meeting.

If at the Chapter 74 Meeting, there are any changes to the Chapter 74 Floor Plans, the Designer is requested to send Revised Chapter 74 Floor Plans to the MSBA within three weeks. The MSBA will share these Revised Chapter 74 Floor Plans with DESE for comment.