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The statute that created the MSBA places tremendous emphasis on planning, due diligence and prioritization of MSBA resources. The creation of the Designer Selection Panel (DSP) was a major reform of the school building construction process, aimed at ensuring that school districts receive the highest quality design services.

The MSBA’s DSP is authorized to select designers, programmers and entities providing feasibility studies in connection with public school construction projects seeking funding from the MSBA and whose construction cost will potentially be $5 million or more.

The DSP, which includes the participation of local officials associated with a project, plays a critical role in the selection and recommendation of the best available design firms for the modernization and construction of Massachusetts public school facilities to ensure that state dollars are invested in better designed schools that are structurally safe and that encourage student learning.

The creation of the DSP, which is composed of design and construction experts and local officials, will help to secure the best possible input to deliver well designed schools that encourage teaching and student learning for Massachusetts children.

MSBA Designer Selection Panel:

  • Christine B. Verbitzki, AIA, MSBA Designee, Registered Architect, Chair
  • Beth McDougal, AIA, MSBA Designee, Registered Architect, Vice-Chair
  • Russell Bartash, MA Building Trades Council Designee
  • Eric Bernardin, ACEC Designee, Professional Engineer
  • Karl Brown, AIA, MSBA Staff, Registered Architect
  • Veatriki Dagkalakou, MSBA Staff
  • John S. Ferrante, Associated General Contractors of Massachusetts Designee
  • Barbara Hansberry, MSBA Executive Director Designee
  • Richard Hudson, MSBA Staff
  • Evan Levesque, MSBA Staff
  • Leo F. Peters, FACEC, Professional Engineer
  • Alankrita Prasad, MA AIA Designee, Registered Architect
  • Rachel E. Shanley, PE, LEED, MSBA Designee, Professional Engineer 
  • Diane Sullivan, MSBA Staff
  • Kenneth Wertz, Public Member
  • John F. Jumpe Jr., Professional Engineer, MSBA Staff *

*Mr. Jumpe will serve as an alternate to one of the three MSBA staff members positions associated with project management, design and/or construction oversight in the event one of the three positions are absent. 

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In addition to the above, for each project considered by the DSP, the Panel includes three members who are representatives of the respective city, town or regional school district for the specific project under consideration. Of the three local members, one member is designated by the school committee, one member is designated by the superintendent of schools and one member is designated by the chief executive officer of the city or town.