Project Advisory 71, August 2021

Designer Construction Cost Chart

MSBA staff has published a Designer Construction Cost Chart, indicating the MSBA school construction cost by Designer. This chart includes projects approved by the MSBA Board of Directors between July 1, 2016, and June 30, 2021, and is based on reconciled construction budgets submitted by districts at the conclusion of schematic design. The direct construction costs per square foot above includes estimated direct building costs plus the applicable portion of the design and pricing contingency. The following is not included in the direct building cost: Special Construction, demolition, hazardous materials abatement, sitework, subcontractor bonds, insurance, general conditions, overhead and profit, GMP fee, GMP contingency, escalation to mid-point of construction, and alternates, if applicable.  Note that this cost information will be included within the DSP Materials Package that is to be reviewed by the DSP Panel members for those designers that applied for the applicable project.

This new tool is located on the Designer Selection Process and Cost Data pages and will be updated annually.