Filing SOI 2024 - Recent Updates and New Changes

Recent Updates and What You Should Know When Filing a Statement of Interest (“SOI”) in 2024:

1. Accelerated Repair Program To Open in 2024:

  • Please refer to the October 25, 2023 Board of Directors memo, which outlines the recommendations specific to the ARP, including reopening the ARP in 2024, located on our website, here.

2. SOI Template Changes:

  • Please note there have been changes to the MSBA’s SOI template that will be in effect for the 2024 SOI filing period. If the district submitted a Core Program SOI in 2023 and intends to refile its SOI(s) in 2024, there have been changes to the SOI template, which may impact the responses to certain questions.  

3. Pre-populating a SOI in 2024

  • If the district intends to pre-populate one or more of its 2023 SOI(s), please note that the district must: 
    1. Select Program Type 
    2. Reselect the Statutory Priorities  
  • Once the Statutory Priorities have been reselected, the district will be able to see its 2023 SOI data throughout the 2024 SOI.