Green Repair Program Terms and Conditions

Green Repair Program Terms and Conditions:

  1. All projects shall be performed utilizing the MSBA’s Sustainability Requirements for the Green Repair Program for roofs, windows and/or boilers.
  2. All Districts will be required to sign an Initial Compliance Certification (ICC) as currently available on the MSBA website. All Districts must comply with all MSBA rules, regulations, policies and guidelines and use the MSBA’s standard documents, including contract, budget and audit forms.
  3. All projects shall comply with the Davis-Bacon Act (40 U.S.C. 3141 et seq.) and any other requirements that MSBA may determine to be applicable.
  4. All projects in the Green Repair Program shall produce measurable energy savings and shall incorporate sustainable maintenance practices.
  5. Districts eligible for the Green Repair Program will be encouraged to secure additional energy conservation resources from other sources (such as utility conservation programs) and will be expected to allocate savings from reduced energy consumption to improved routine and capital maintenance practices.
  6. To expedite project delivery, the MSBA conducted two Requests for Qualifications (RFQs) in June 2010 and has a pool of available and qualified Owner’s Project Managers (OPMs) and Designers, to be utilized in performing the work for the Green Repair Program. Districts invited into the Green Repair Program will be required to utilize the MSBA’s assignment/selection process for selection of an Owner’s Project Manager and for selection of a Designer.
  7. Districts invited to participate in the Green Repair Program by the MSBA Board of Directors will be required to execute the MSBA’s Green Repair Program Contract for Project Management Services with an OPM charged with coordinating all Green Repair projects in the district, regardless of whether the estimated construction costs exceed $1.5 million.
  8. The District will have to demonstrate its ability to quickly appropriate the funds necessary to process an initial study as well as appropriate the total funds required for a proposed project.
  9. To be eligible to submit a Statement of Interest (SOI) for the Green Repair Program, a district must certify the following:
  • The school facility has been and shall remain in use as a public K-12 school, serving public school students for the useful life of any roof, window or boiler repair/replacement.
  • The school facility has sufficient spaces to deliver its required educational program.
  • Except for the condition of its roof, windows and/or boilers, the school facility is structurally, functionally and educationally sound and has no other known deficiencies; and, all other building systems are operational, safe and adequate for the delivery of the required educational program.
  • The need for repairs or replacement of a roof, windows and/or boiler is not the result of neglect or the lack of routine or capital maintenance by the district.
  • The school facility will remain open as a public K-12 school, serving public school students for the useful life of any roof, window or boiler repair/replacement.
  • The district acknowledges and agrees to abide by all federal and state law and all rules, regulations, polices and guidelines of the MSBA and the district agrees to use the MSBA’s Green Repair Program pre-qualified OPMs and designers.
  • The district has the ability to raise the local contribution required to fund the district’s share of the project in a timely manner.
  • The project schedule will have a deadline for construction to be completed prior to December 2011.
  • The district has no entitlement to funds, and the awarding of a grant(s), if any, is at the sole discretion of the MSBA.