Policies, Forms & Guidelines

The MSBA works in partnership with cities, towns and regional school districts across the Commonwealth to find the most educationally appropriate and fiscally responsible solutions to school building deficiencies. As part of that collaboration, the MSBA provides districts with valuable resources, including model procurement documents for districts to use when procuring a designer or owner’s project manager ("OPM"), standard contracts for districts to use when contracting with a designer or OPM, and model vote language to use for local votes.

In this section you will find those resources along with the MSBA’s enabling legislation, regulations, guidelines and policies. We hope that these documents will be helpful resources for local leaders and district officials, as well as those simply looking to learn more about the MSBA.


Guidelines and Policies


Eligibility Period - Prerequisite Forms


Design Submission Review Comment Templates

Budget Revision Request Forms


Closeout Audit Forms

*Additional forms may be sent to the District for completion of the Closeout Audit Process.

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