In connection with the MSBA’s New Guidelines for Science Labs in High School Facilities, the MSBA has launched its $60 Million Science Laboratory Initiative. This innovative, competitive grant program will represent a unique opportunity for districts to invest in otherwise-sound high school facilities by focusing capital spending on prototype designs for science labs. 

In order to further recognize the importance of these educational spaces, the MSBA is utilizing the remaining allocation of Qualified School Construction Bond proceeds to provide the $60 Million Science Lab Initiative. Districts that have deficiencies in their existing science labs that inhibit the delivery of the district’s educational program had the opportunity to express interest in the MSBA’s Science Lab Initiative through the Fiscal Year 2012 Statement of Interest process. 
The Science Lab Initiative represents a creative use of the MSBA’s limited resources and serves as another example by which the MSBA maximizes the benefit of funding for school projects while enhancing the education of students. This program will facilitate the delivery of a 21st century science curriculum and enhance the learning environment for students across the Commonwealth. 
View the MSBA Science Lab Fly-Through which is an animated presentation of some of the MSBA science lab design requirements and best practices.
View the Science Lab Initiative Memorandum to the MSBA Board of Directors.