Statements of Interest


The Massachusetts School Building Authority (the "MSBA") is pleased to announce the 2023 Statement of Interest ("SOI") submittal period for the Core Program is now open. 

Please note there is no filing period for the Accelerated Repair Program in 2023; please refer to the Board of Directors memo, which outlines the recommendation to temporarily pause the ARP and not accept new SOIs for the ARP in 2023, located on our website, here.

Below are links to information that will help you submit a Core Program SOI.

SOI System:

  • Requesting Access to the SOI System
    • Superintendent Access
    • District User Access
      • Submit a Statement of Interest (for a District User other than a Superintendent requesting access) 
        • Important Reminder: If you are not the Superintendent and clicking on this link for access, you will need to coordinate with the Superintendent for approval to gain access
  • SOI System Login Screen
    • Statement of Interest System 
      • Once you have requested access and been approved for the 2023 submittal period, use this link to login to the SOI system
  • SOI System User Guide

SOI Important Documentation:

SOI Important Dates:

  • The deadline for submitting Core Program SOIs is Friday, April 14, 2023 at 11:59 PM.

MSBA Grant Program Information:

The MSBA's grant program is a non-entitlement, competitive program, and grants are distributed by the MSBA Board of Directors based on need and urgency, as expressed by districts and validated by the MSBA. Submitting an SOI is not an invitation into the MSBA's Capital Pipeline; it is the initial step in the MSBA's program. Moving forward in the MSBA's process requires further collaboration between districts and the MSBA.

Submitting an SOI is the critical first step in the MSBA's program for school building construction, addition/renovation, and repair grants. The SOI allows districts to inform us about deficiencies that may exist in a local school facility and how those deficiencies inhibit the delivery of the district’s educational program.

If you have any questions about the 2022 SOI process, please click here