Project Advisory 60, May 2019

Information regarding Commissioning and the MSBA's Sustainability policies

As a part of documenting compliance with MSBA sustainability guidelines using either the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design for Schools (LEED-S) or Northeast Collaborative for High Performing Schools (NE-CHPS) programs, points are available for commissioning. Commissioning is a verification process of building systems and subsystems by an independent third party. The MSBA requires and pays the costs of building commissioning for Core Program projects to the extent described below.

The MSBA's Standard Scope of Commissioning Services - Core Program can be found on our website at "Building With Us; Module 6 - Detailed Design; Commissioning". It includes services necessary to qualify for NE-CHPS EE 3.0 - Commissioning, EE 3.1 - Additional Commissioning Qualifications, and EE 3.2 - Building Envelope Commissioning; and/or LEED v4 Fundamental Commissioning and Verification, Path 1/Option 1 Enhanced Commissioning, and Option 2 Envelope Commissioning.

Note that the MSBA Standard Scope of Commissioning Services - Core Program does not include first year monitoring and optimization of building systems services necessary to qualify for NE-CHPS EE 3.3 - Enhanced Commissioning or LEED v4 Path 2: monitoring-based commissioning.

If you have any questions regarding the scope of services for MSBA Commissioning Agents, and the associated LEED-S/NE-CHPS scorecard, please review the agreement linked above or contact your assigned Project Coordinator.