August 23, 2017 Board Meeting Information

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District School
Ipswich Winthrop Elementary School
  • Recommendation for Preferred Schematic Design
District School Scope Estimated Total Construction Estimated Total Project Costs
Attleboro Attleboro High School New $220,455,338 $265,321,085
Fall River B.M.C. Durfee High School Add/Reno $197,067,802 $239,043,243
Harvard Hildreth Elementary School New $38,894,398 $48,618,000
Lowell Lowell High School New $269,659,416 $336,138,724
Taunton James L. Mulcahey Elementary School New $52,301,695 $66,357,000
Tisbury Tisbury School New $38,211,000 $47,100,797
  Totals $816,589,649 $1,002,578,849
  • Invitation to Project Scope and Budget - Estimated Maximum Total Facilities Grants of $112,553,895
District School Scope Total Project Budget Estimated Maximum Total Facilities Grant
Blue Hills Regional Technical School District Blue Hills Regional Technical High School Limited Reno and Repair $84,862,768 $43,438,247
Cape Cod Regional Vocational Technical School District Cape Cod Regional Technical High School New $128,062,881 $41,219,899
Clarksburg Clarksburg Elementary School Add/Reno $19,097,075 $11,360,552
Lexington Marie Hastings Elementary School New $65,339,418 $16,535,197
  Totals $297,362,142 $112,553,895


District School Scope Total Project Budget Total Facilities Grant
Fairhaven Hastings Middle School Partial Roof $717,721 $341,410
Gill-Montague Sheffield Elementary School Windows/Doors $1,116,764 $745,473
Hingham Hingham Middle School Model School $58,414,481 $23,553,891
Hudson John F. Kennedy/Quinn Middle School New Construction $44,102,592 $23,174,920
Hudson Mulready Elementary School Partial Roof $1,499,558 $622,318
Marshfield Marshfield High School New Construction $101,630,087 $46,887,500
Medford Medford High School Boiler $2,409,488 $1,026,109
Southern Berkshire Mt. Everett Regional High School Boiler/Roof $7,741,013 $2,040,682
Tyngsborough Tyngsborough High School Boiler/Roof $4,074,418 $1,323,727
West Springfield West Springfield High School Model School $104,767,085 $61,928,264
Totals   $326,473,207 $161,644,294





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