February 15, 2017 Board Meeting Information

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Board Meeting Press Releases

  • Project Removal from Accelerated Repair Program
District School Inivtation Date
Quaboag Regional School District Quaboag Regional Middle/High School July 20, 2016
District School
Acton-Boxborough Regional School District CT Douglas Elementary School
Braintree South Middle School
Bridgewater-Raynham Regional School District George H. Mitchell Elementary School
Easton Center School
Fitchburg Crocker Elementary School
Gardner Waterford Street Elementary School
Gloucester East Gloucester Elementary School
Lawrence Oliver Partnership School
Leicester Leicester Middle School
Millbury Raymond E. Shaw Elementary School
Nauset Regional School District Nauset Regional High School
Orange Dexter Park School
Rockland Jefferson Elementary School
Sharon Sharon High School
Springfield William N. Deberry School
Westborough Annie E. Fales Elementary School
Worcester Doherty Memorial High School
District School
Arlington Arlington High School
Framingham Fuller Middle School
Marblehead Elbridge Gerry Elementary School
Shrewsbury Beal Early Childhood Center
Springfield Brightwood Elementary School
Tewksbury Louise Davy Trahan Elementary School
Wareham Minot Forest Elementary School
  • Authorization to Execute Project Funding Agreement - Accelerated Repair Program, Estimated Maximum Total Facilities Grants of $54,303,504
District School Scope Total Project Budget Estimated MaximumTotal Facilities Grant
Agawam Roberta G. Doering School Boiler $968,569 $477,631
Auburn Pakachoag Elementary School Roof $958,492 $429,975
Boston Boston Latin School Partial Boiler $1,923,254 $1,203,077
James F. Condon Elementary School Boiler $1,063,022 $666,881
John W. McCormack Middle School Roof $3,105,492 $1,933,116
Paul A. Dever Elementary School Roof $2,772,056 $1,728,096
William E. Channing Elementary School Boiler $938,357 $587,717
Boxford Spofford Pond Elementary School Roof, Window/Door $4,981,379 $1,635,089
Cambridge Fletcher Maynard Academy Roof $1,265,677 $390,486
Canton Lt. Peter M. Hansen Elementary School Roof $1,740,000 $730,947
Chicopee Patrick E. Bowe School Window/Door $3,182,085 $2,119,199
Chicopee Academy at Selser School Partial Roof $1,699,814 $1,134,709
Dartmouth Dartmouth Middle School Roof $5,894,699 $2,865,109
Gloucester Gloucester High School Roof $4,942,950 $1,933,365
Halifax Halifax Elementary School Roof, Window/Door $7,262,124 $3,280,476
Lawrence High School Learning Center Boiler $1,497,662 $1,142,606
Marshfield Furnace Brook Middle School Roof $8,503,235 $2,856,660
North Brookfield North Brookfield Elementary School Roof $3,909,508 $2,299,172
Northhampton Bridge Street School Roof $1,729,632 $802,484
Leeds Elementary School Roof $1,836,008 $853,787
Quincy Atherton Hough Elementary School Partial Boiler $967,121 $581,131
Beechwood Knoll Elementary School Partial Boiler $723,785 $457,697
Merrymount Elementary School Partial Boiler $994,133 $600,927
Wollaston Elementary School Partial Boiler $856,976 $541,403
Revere Garfield Middle School Boiler $1,288,843 $871,699
Sharon Heights Elementary School Roof $2,324,663 $947,353
Springfield Alfred G. Zanetti Montessori Magnet School Window/Door $3,156,421 $2,396,427
Kensington International School Roof $1,488,913 $1,091,826
M. Marcus Kiley Middle School Window/Door $9,498,611 $7,210,934
Mary M. Lynch Elementary School Roof $2,117,130 $1,618,626
Swansea Elizabeth S. Brown Elementary School Window/Door $1,468,488 $754,824
Worcester Belmont Street Elementary School WIndow/Door $4,098,316 $3,092,573
Chandler Elementary Community School Boiler, Window/Door $1,492,592 $1,088,943
Gerald Creamer Center Partial Boiler, Window/Door $3,135,856 $2,365,951
Wawecus Road School Window/Door $2,218,334 $1,612,608
  Totals $96,004,197 $54,303,504
  • Recommendation for Preferred Schematic Design
District School Scope Estimated Total Construction Estimated Total Project Costs
Blue Hills Regional School District Blue HIlls Regional Technical School  Limited Repair $71,665,900 $86,460,000
Braintree East Middle School  Add/Reno $67,869,363 $83,143,498
Cape Cod Regional Vocational Technical School District Cape Cod Regional Technical High School  New $113,131,000 $141,414,000
Ipswich Winthrop Elementary School  New $53,913,497 $66,687,466
Lexington Marie Hastings Elementary School  New $49,894,630 $61,737,630
Saugus Saugus School New $127,885,356 $160,860,953
Triton Regional School District Pine Grove Elementary School  Limited Repair $28,336,465 $34,003,758
Westport Westport Middle School  New $78,702,802 $95,230,390
  Totals $599,399,013 $729,537,695
  • Discussion on City of Somerville Poverty Factor
  • Invitation to Project Scope and Budget - Estimated Maximum Total Facilities Grants of $216,807,595
School Scope Total Project Budget Estimated Maximum Total Facilities Grant
Lynn Pickering School New $83,661,513 $41,758,421
West Lynn Middle School New $104,590,019 $55,342,186
Somerville Somerville High School Add/Reno $255,982,704 $119,706,988
  Totals $444,234,236 $216,807,595

*Estimated Maximum Total Facilities Grant amount is pending Board Approval of Agenda Item #7.


School Scope Total Project Budget Total Facilities Grant
Bridgewater-Raynham Bridgewater Middle School Roof $2,243,995 $1,006,807
Bridgewater-Raynham Laliberte Elementary School Roof $1,076,100 $513,734
Bridgewater-Raynham Merrill Elementary School Roof $1,167,100 $543,872
Douglas Douglas Elementary School Model School $32,231,824 $16,581,717
Douglas Douglas Intermediate School Roof, Windows/Doors, Boiler $17,400,803 $7,661,097
Greater Lawrence RVT Regional Vocational Technical High School Major Repair $4,802,770 $2,512,549
Greater New Bedford Regional Vocational Technical High School Addition/Renovation $15,936,589 $12,258,642
Lynn William P. Connery Elementary School Roof $1,101,402 $597,541
Newburyport Francis T. Bresnahan Elementary School Model School $37,118,204 $15,383,368
Northampton Leeds Elementary School Roof $680,871 $248,321
Northampton R. K. Finn Ryan Road Elementary School Roof $1,076,554 $352,385
Quincy Merrymount Elementary School Windows/Doors $879,702 $489,327
Quincy North Quincy High School Windows/Doors $4,076,124 $2,426,375
Quincy Wollaston Elementary School Windows/Doors $963,104 $599,703
South Shore RVT Regional Vocational Technical High School Boiler $498,100 $231,349
Wellesley Wellesley High School New Construction $115,987,740 $37,314,683
Totals   $237,240,982 $98,721,470





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